The Legend Of Caius Wintermasus 2.3

Place: the camp of the Roman army in front of the Teuteburg Forest.
Persons: Rufus Curius, Flavius Vanillus, Caius Wintermasus

Narrator: at the same time near the Teuteburg Forest….
Flavius: It is rumored that Arminius is actually a woman named Greta, who has two disgusting assistants…
Rufus: Arminius is actually Arminia?
Falvius: Back there is Wintermasus!
Rufus: Salve! Where have you been?
Wintermasus: (Barking)
Flavius: That seems to have been rather embarrassing….
Rufus: We don’t really want to know that much.
Flavius: Here we go! Into the Teuteburg Forest!
Narrator: And so the three legions went to their certain doom. (Wintermasus howls at the moon on the corpse-strewn battlefield in the night after the ambush). And now you know the true story.

The end.

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