The Jack-the-Ripper-Special vol. 1!

Queensryche – London

Quite an old song by Queensryche from the 1986 release Rage For Order is London.

The lyrics are about Jack-the-Ripper and are quite Poe-esque (Edgar wrote more than one story where a narrating psychopath sobs about his own misery and that he is Oh! so poor.).

A musically beautiful yet slightly creepy song.

From Hell (2001)

A movie adaption of a graphic novel, starring Johnny Depp. Robin doesn’t think that the truth about that legendary murderer was that complicated but who knows? Maybe it was that way. Anyway, quite entertaining!

Amazon Women on the Moon (1987)

The mockumentary Bullshot Or Not suggests that the Loch-Ness-monster and Jack-the-Ripper are one and the same person. Priceless!

Time After Time (1979)

Young H. G. Wells (Malcom McDowell) travels via his time machine to the 20th century where he meets Jack-the-Ripper who escaped to the future for escaping his hunters from the 19th century.

Very cool dialogues! (Jack the Ripper: “Ninety years ago I was a freak. Today I’m an amateur.”)

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