The Insurance Agent

When Robin was still selling digital cameras, he came up with the idea of the following story: in which a man and a woman love each other in a special way.

The Insurance Agent

She came out of the shower, dried herself, took her black hair back and put on a white bascoat under which her breasts stretched.
“This insurance agent has announced his arrival,” she thought, and then the doorbell rang.
She opened the door. In front of her stood a handsome man in a suit with a little suitcase.
“Hello,” he said.
“Hello…” she answered and was already intimidated. It was as if the man could see right into her heart. “Come in, come in…”
As if the man had only waited for her request out of courtesy, he smiled and entered. “Take a seat, please… I’ll bring us a coffee,” she stammered and came back with two coffee cups, one of which she spilled a little on the contents. “Sorry…” she whispered.
“I have nothing on. I’ll be right back,” she said and disappeared.
The man dropped a white pill into her cup and smiled as it disintegrated.
“There I am again,” she said and sat opposite the insurance agent.
“They have something that fully secures me” she asked shyly and took a sip from her cup. She sat down, threw her head back and forth a few times and then did not move any more, as if she was unconscious.

She noticed that she was lying on a bed on her stomach. There was darkness around her. She had been blindfolded. She moved her arms and legs, spread wide and tethered. At the feeling of her pad, she noticed that she had no clothes on.
“Better be good now!” It was the man’s voice! She decided to stay passive. Maybe that would discourage him. However, she felt a tingling between her legs. Then she heard a loud clap and felt a pain on her bottom at the same time.
“We’re coming to the safety now,” he said, creamed her rectum with lubricant and then plugged in a clog. “Secured.”
She felt him lay down on her, penetrate her, make love to her and pour into her. She came almost at the same time.

“My darling, are you all right?” she heard him as he untied her.
“Dear, you did well.”
“You have acting talent. When you did pass out from the sweetener I put in your coffee, for a moment I thought it was real!
She giggled. “But so did you. I liked you as that insurance agent.”
“And what will we play next time?”
“No idea… Perhaps priest and nun, and I must ritually worship your member?
“Good idea…,” he said.

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