The Hospital – Dialogues!

These are the dialogues for the radio play between the songs of Robin’s new song cycle The Hospita!

Narrator: One night in the hospital in the countryside, Richard was admitted after an accident.
Bella: I’ll take care of him!
Narrator: After Richard regained consciousness….
Richard: Where am I. Who are you?
Bella; I’m Bella, the nurse. You’ve had an accident. I’m going to take care of you.
Richard: You’re a nurse? You look like a model!
Bella: Thank you.
Richard: There’s a cat running around this hospital!
Bella: That’s Oscar. When someone is dying, he jumps in bed with the patient, purrs and snuggles up to him. It looks like he’s comforting the patient.
Richard: Why does Oscar act like that?
Bella: I suppose Oscar is the god of death in cat form.
[Song: Kiss Of Death]
Richard: Do many people die here?
Bella: Yes, but it doesn’t matter; Dr West is experimenting in his spare time with a serum that can resurrect the dead.
[Song: Mad Scientist]
Richard: This hospital gives me the creeps. Come on, let’s get out of here!
[Door opens.]
Dr. West: Greetings, mistress!
Bella: Hello, slave. Uh, I mean, Dr. West!
Richard: Mistress? Slave?
Narrator: Bella dropped the mask.
Bella: Yes. I am the real mistress of the hospital here, Everyone else here is my slave. laughs creepily
Narrator: Richard tried to escape, but was caught and operated on to death.
[Song: Your Decent To Hell]
A few days later, someone was brought in again.
Bella: I’ll take care of him! giggles creepily [ominous music]

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