The Harlot Wearing scarlet. A fragment.

Marlin awoke and looked down dazed at herself. In front of her she saw her hands chained together. Where her clothes were before, there was nothing but a scarlet frock. As she looked down on her young body, she saw that her dainty feet were also chained together. And in her ears the engine of the truck in which they were sitting droned. The vibration made her realize that they were driving.

In front of her she saw a middle-aged woman holding a pig on a leash.
“Who are you,” Marlin asked.
“I am the Chick With the Pig,” grinned the Chick With the Pig, “and from now on you are only the Harlot Wearing Scarlet.
“But no, no, I’m Marlin,” answered the Harlot Wearing Scarlet.
“Marlin you are perhaps for your friends. But your former life is over now.”
Her friends, of course! Especially her childhood friend, the Hero Number Zero…

The Chick With the Pig stroked the Harlot Wearing Scarlet over her cheek.
“Soon we will be there,” she said, “Welcome to slavery,” she continued. “From now on you are only a sex object. And your vagina will soon be completely shaved.”
“But I am so proud of my pubes! I haven’t had them for so long!”
“Be glad that your pussy is only shaved and not sewn up.”
The Harlot Wearing Scarlet was frightened.
“Sewn up?”
“Yes, because you will be fucked anyway only in the bum. But don’t worry: if your vagina had been sewn up, you would of course have had an artificial one. Of course, also without anaesthesia, just like the sewing.”

To be continued…

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