THE FROG IN THE FOG – An Idea For a Scary Story!

To be politically correct, it’s about climate change and environmental destruction.

A prince is enchanted by a bad guy into a frog and his family is enslaved. The family of the bad guy is racist and right-wing radical, just like the bad guy himself. They commit violent environmental destruction.
The frog in the mist is murdering them all, one by one. The bad guy is last. His last words are “Frog off!” but by then it’s too late.
The heroine is supposed to kiss the frog, but doesn’t do so because she reveals herself to be a dyke. Thereupon the frog says that he is gender-activist and identifies as a woman, and thus is kissed anyway – and he turns back into a prince. All the women who don’t jump for joy because of his genitals later he denounces for discrimination.

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