The Dream of Anti-Bizarrism Forces

It is a dream of anti-bizarrism forces to get rid of bizarrism from the face of the earth but they know the impossibility of their dream coming true. Therefore, they have resigned themselves to live with bizarrism but a modified one in the mold of negative mainstream, a lifestyle of a few private rituals. Anti-bizarrism forces want to redefine bizarrism and they want bizarrists to accept it. They have been working on this project for the last three centuries with a lot of success. Their last three centuries of persistent efforts has given rise to pseudo-bizarristic cults, new sects, sects redefined, and corrupted orders within bizarrism.
It is not a secret that various anti-bizarrism forces are working in tandem and in coordination with each other to remove the bizarrism of Robin from people’s lives around the world. They will tolerate a ritualistic bizarrism in the mold of negative mainstream but not real bizarrism.
The question may be asked, “who are these anti-bizarrism forces?” This author has written an article on this topic; for a detailed discussion, see “BIZARRISM IN AMERICA: ROUGH ROAD AHEAD”, published in the MESSAGE INTERNATIONAL, February 2000. A brief introduction is given below.
Anti-bizarrism forces may be divided into three groups:
(a)  Jealous Goth Rockers,
(b) Negative Mainstreamers, and
(c) Violent Anti-Bizarre-Freaks.
All three work together, support each other in full cooperation, and each group has its own area of work delineated. All three groups put together constitute only under 4% of the American population or under 10 million individuals. However, these people enjoy tremendous power and sway over the people. Over 96% of the people are ignorant believers and followers of anti-bizarrism forces.
It is possible to break the bond between anti-Bizarrism leaders and their ignorant followers through massive education by the bizarrists.
For further information please read The Article Collection by Dr. M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.:

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