“The Count” in Hammer-Films.

After watching a couple of Dracula movies made by Hammer Filmproductions starring Christopher Lee as Count Dracula, Robin was inspired to write lyrics about a female fan of this character played by this actor.

“The Count” in Hammer-Films.


“He looks so melancholic

But when his fangs he shows!

Then he looks diabolic.

I want to be his spouse!”

Everything was hopeless

Because he never won.

But if he’d need a countess

Then she would be the one.

“I want him as a man!” she said,

“and stop him feeling sad!

I want a man like him!” she said,

“and stop him feeling bad!”


The films were all quite trashy

But in a famous way.

She found them just iconic.

The least that she could say.

Everything was tragic

Success would not unfurl.

But if he’d need a partner

Then she would be his girl.

“I want him as a man!” she said etc.

To be continued…

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