4/12 Preassure On Sherlock – The Bitch Of the Baskervilles

4/13 – The case grows more complicated…

What happened so far;

Sir Baskerville disappeared on his daily morning run. Sherlock from Scotland Yard needs to solve the case since his boss, Ms Gruber, is a little impatient.

Sherlock’s cell phone rang.
“I have important information regarding your case. Come to the closed-down abattoir at midnight with an empty body bag, spade and wheelbarrow, preferably alone and unarmed.”
Sherlock was about to answer, but the caller had already hung up.

It rang again.
“What kind of information?”
“It’s me, your wife.”
“You need a holiday badly, I want to go and see my parents for four weeks and I want to take you with me.”
“I’m in the middle of an investigation…”
“I see. Well, if you don’t have time, I can’t. Bye.” She hung up on him.
Sherlock knew what it meant. About as much as “Don’t you dare come home.”
He sighed and called his boss.

“Mrs Gruber? She’s in the basement right now. One moment, I’ll connect you.”
He heard a click on the line. Then the voice of Mrs. Gruber.
“What is it, Mrs. Gruber?
In the background cries of pain and the rattling of chains.
“Sherlock here. I really need a holiday…
“How’s the case going?
He heard a crack of a whip and an instantaneous roar of a man.
“Well, now…”
“Mr. Slickboot was going to take it anyway. I can suspend your sentence?”
“No, of course not…”
“Then solve the case.”

To be continued…

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