2/12 Sherlock Gets the Case – The Reworked Version!

What happened so far:

Mr. Baskerville left for his morning run and never came back. The servants of the Sir, Sharon, Carlo and Omar, were introduced,

2/13 Sherlock Gets the Case

“Hello, everyone.” Sherlock entered the open-plan office.

It was another one of those days when Sherlock heard a voice behind him saying “Huh huh your phone: gay, huh huh, the long wire huh huh.”
Sherlock turned around: “Slickwood, you suck!”
Slickwood was outraged and said, “Huh? Now what’s wrong? Are you crazy?”
“You’ve been yapping nonsense behind my back again!”
“You just imagined it.”

Detectives on the force weren’t always intellectual thinkers and many of them were nut jobs, like Mr Slickwood. He was fat and scruffy, but he was vain anyway. He wore lots of cheap, fake jewelry. “Mrs Gruber wants to see you. Now.”
Sherlock sighed and went into his boss’s office.

Nadine Gruber was in her late 20s and was involved with a guy roughly twice her age. She seemed to have a thing for older men.
“A nobleman has disappeared on his morning run. Solve this case for a change. This is your last chance. There are other losers here at Scotland Yard.”
To this end, she unbuttoned her blouse a little so that the base of her thick breasts was accentuated.
“Or do you need extra training?”
“No, Miss Gruber”, said Sherlock, and clicked his heels together. “I’m on my way.”

Mr Slickboot looked around Sherlock’s desk. It was a complete mess, so stolen files shouldn’t stand out. He saw one, took it and laughing hoarsely.

To be continued…

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