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The Sexual Motivation of Cannibals

While working on a song about cannibalism, Robin investigated on the sexual motivations of cannibals.

“I love to eat you!”
The active ones want the passive to become a part of them, the passive ones want to become a part of the …

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12/12 Sharlock Faces the Truth…

12/12. Sherlock Faces the Truth…

What happened so far:

Sir Baskerville disappeared on his morning run Sherlock from Scotland Yard is investigating. Nobody must enter the room of Lady Baskerville and nobody has ever seen her. Could she be the …

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Interview On Bitches Of the Baskervilles

Interview On Bitches Of the Baskervilles

You wrote a short psychological thriller named The Bitch Of the Baskervilles. What is actually the deeper message of it?

“Good always prevails.”

And if not?

“Then your idea of “good” might be wrong.”

What …

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Sex In Times Of Covid-19?

You might have wondered if you still can have sex in times of covid-19. Of course you can!

All you need to do is taking some precationary measures;

And stay away from prostitutes! You are not married to them anyway so …

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Jack Is Back

Sex is said to sell – hopefully so is gore!

Jack Is Back.

They went to her room and the whore turns her back on him.
He puts out a knife while he smiles, and his smile is so grim.
He cuts her throat …

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The Gun of Fun

Robin has been told that sex would sell which inspired him to write a new song with the following lyrics

The Gun of Fun

He was just a failure, his whole life was a mess.

What’s his destination? You couldn’t even guess.

But when …

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