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Albert Camus – Myth of Sisyphus

Albert Camus – Myth of Sisyphus 


Robin got the chance to read an essay by Albert Camus that made its author famous: Myth of Sisyphus.

In a nutshell: it suggests that there is no objective meaning of life at all and that …

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New Ideas for “Dawn of the Damsel”!

Robin has another idea for his post-apocalyptic story Dawn of the Damsel.

(What happened so far:

Except the hero the whole world population has either died by some pandemic or mutated to evil cannibals. He finds a pretty girl but she …

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Germans are cool.

What do the Germans vote for?

CUNTcellor Angela Merkel is incompetent, and so are the other candidates:

The (de facto former) labor party are traitors since for the poor its lobby-friendly politics are particularily destructiv.

The identity of the Green party is …

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Cheap hookers anyone?

Brothels are closed!

Since prostitution is prohibited due to some obscure pandemic the rumour runs that sex workers are as cheap as never. So if you are about to die soon and thus don’t care about legal consequences anyway – now …

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How to build Anti-Covid-19 masks!

If you are one of the poor who is a resident of a country where the government believes it is not necessary to buy masks to prevent its people from getting infected you can easily make them yourselves. Here is …

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Another favourite Author of Robin

Today’s writer: Isaac Asimov

One of the best short stories ever written! It could even apply to non-science-fiction fans.

An apocalyptic masterpiece. Its name: NIGHTFALL.

Robin believes that Adele plays with words when singing “We’ll be together at skyfall”.

Though there has been …

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Black Magic – really harmelss and good fun?

Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. (Søren Kierkegaard)


Thinking back Robin needs to correct his former assumption; namely that a former band member was the punishment for Robin’s former life and thus that Karma is …

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