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Interview On Bitches Of the Baskervilles

Interview On Bitches Of the Baskervilles

You wrote a short psychological thriller named The Bitch Of the Baskervilles. What is actually the deeper message of it?

“Good always prevails.”

And if not?

“Then your idea of “good” might be wrong.”

What …

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New Lyrics: Forever

Robin believes that the folowing lyrcs are among his finest. Enjoy!



The mainstream was her standard, a shroud of misery.

So she tried to find her place in all conformity.

Then she saw a handsome man, she saw him from afar.

 He was simply …

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Positive Lyrics: Hear Their Song

Hear Their song


You walk alone ‘cause you’re lost in this dark forest

And to a house you come suddenly

This house is ancient and it is half in ruins.

And abandoned it seems to be!

You decide to stay the night.

It is already late.


And …

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