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The Cask Of Beer

The Cask Of Amontillado

A classic tale by Edgar Allan Poe. The psychopathic narrator takes revenge on the drunken Fortunato – only unfortunately Poe is silent about what the narrator is taking revenge for. Robin ponders what that might be – …

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He Is So POE!

And now words of wisdom by Edgar and a realistic assessment from him and his pet:

Spare him his life for his monstrosity!

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The Jack-the-Ripper-Special vol. 1!

Queensryche – London

Quite an old song by Queensryche from the 1986 release Rage For Order is London.

The lyrics are about Jack-the-Ripper and are quite Poe-esque (Edgar wrote more than one story where a narrating psychopath sobs about his own …

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