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Another Meeting With Robin!

What are your latest news?

I tried to set Damsel in Distress to music. I had a go with post rock, how the kind of music I was composing in the 90s is called nowadays. Maybe I try to be innovative …

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Interview On Bitches Of the Baskervilles

Interview On Bitches Of the Baskervilles

You wrote a short psychological thriller named The Bitch Of the Baskervilles. What is actually the deeper message of it?

“Good always prevails.”

And if not?

“Then your idea of “good” might be wrong.”

What …

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Another Interview With Robin!

We had a chance to have a quick chat with Robin.

How is your left hand doing?

“I’m still far from where I once was but I can move all my fingers again, practice a lot and get a little …

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Who Is the Scariest Vampire?

Coffin, coffin, in the hall… Who is the scariest of them all?

Since the invention of the vampire genre many have played the Undead. But who is the scariest?

Max Schreck played Count Orlock in Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau’s expressionistic masterpiece Nosferatu from …

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Interview With Robin!

We had a quick chat with Robin!

How is the music doing?

“I am re-recording Pripyat – The Ballad of the Zombie Girl. Since I am a little short on equipment I digitally pitch my electric guitar to make it sound like …

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Another interview with Robin!

What’s new?

“I finally have a second voice for my great canon and am editing and mixing.
Furthermore I’m working on a lyric video for “Requiem”. Also, I haven’t given up on  the song “Mad Scientist” from the album Mission: Bizarre completely …

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How is Nyctophilia doing?

We had the opportunity to have the following short conversation with Robin.

How is the new album doing?

“First I will release an EP with 3 songs. They will be released later on the finished album.”

Great! …

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Interview with Robin!

If you aren’t aware of Robin B. Czar you must be an ignorant person living in the basement of your mother’s house and come out only for special occasions. Robin, bizarre, positive, and unlike anyone else, has been around for quite a …

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