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Jack Reacher (2012)

Robin had the opportunity to see the 2012 film Jack Reacher with Tom Cruise in the title role.


Robin’s thoughts:

Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher is surprisingly good, although he reminds Robin of former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and he would …

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Mirror, Mirror

Robin saw the fairy tale movie Mirror, Mirror from 2011, directed by Tarsem Singh, based on the German folk tale “Snow White”, with Lily Collins, Arnie Hammer, and Julia Roberts as the wicked stepmother, and tells us what he liked …

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The Platform (2019) – Review

The Plattform (original title El Hoyo, German “Der Schacht”) is a Spanish science fiction thriller by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, set in a vertical prison, in which food for the prisoners is transported on a descending platform, so that the lower prisoners …

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“Split” by M. Night Shyamalan (2016)

Robin saw M. Night Shyamalan’s movie Split from 2016.

A few questions remain unanswered:

– Why does Casey have curly hair as a child, but straight hair as a teenager?
– Why, when he’s “The Beast”, isn’t the monster being killed by shots …

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Hammer Bat begins…

Robin got so inspired by the bat of the Hammer Film Production “Scars Of Dracula” from 1970 starring Christopher Lee that he believes the film Batman Begins from 2005 starring Christian Bale should be remade and named “Hammer Bat Begins”. …

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Time Is Short. These Films are, too.

And here are five horror short films you should see before you die!

Cargo. The most heart-warming of them all comes from Australia and is about a father, his daughter and a zombie apocalypse: