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Interview With Robin!

We had a quick chat with Robin!

How is the music doing?

“I am re-recording Pripyat – The Ballad of the Zombie Girl. Since I am a little short on equipment I digitally pitch my electric guitar to make it sound like …

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New Ideas for “Dawn of the Damsel”!

Robin has another idea for his post-apocalyptic story Dawn of the Damsel.

(What happened so far:

Except the hero the whole world population has either died by some pandemic or mutated to evil cannibals. He finds a pretty girl but she …

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Damsel in Distress – New Lyrics!

For all those who find “Up in the Gallery” by Franz Kafka too depressing, Robin has written a text where men can still be real heroes. Have fun!

Damsel in Distress


She’s held captive in a castle by sadistic noble men.

She is …

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