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Corona and the Brirus

The lockdown in Germany is tightened and extended. The reason for this is the Brirus (the new virus mutation from Great Britain), which has long since gone around the world and is even more contagious than the old version of …

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Corona And Its Mortality Rate!

Robin was concerned with the mortality rate of corona infected people. The good thing is: about 83.5% survive! The bad thing is: about 16.5% die.

The latter reminded Robin of the song “Breakdown And Cry” from Alien Sex Fiend …

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Masks That Really Protect?

Robin has been told that the anti-Corona-facemasks were useless. Inspired by the movie “Black Sunday” by Mario Bava from 1960 he believes that other masks could be more efficient.

Here is a helpful person in adjusting the mask. Probably, he himself …

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Parody Of “I Am the Walrus”!

I Am the Virus

I am he as you are he as you are meAnd we are all togetherSee how they run like pigs from a gunSee how they flyI’m smiling

Sitting on a corn flakeWaiting for the meal to comeIce age …

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The Coronavirus Is Back!

The Coronavirus Is Back!

We got the news that the coronavirus was back. How did this happen? Was the lockdown easened too  early? Has the virus mutated?

We asked Robin.

“Nothing has mutated, but people are becoming more careless.
But it’s not so bad, …

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Sex In Times Of Covid-19?

You might have wondered if you still can have sex in times of covid-19. Of course you can!

All you need to do is taking some precationary measures;

And stay away from prostitutes! You are not married to them anyway so …

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