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Re-Animate Those Who Died From Corona!

There is a feverish search for a vaccine against corona worldwide.

Robin hopes that it glows in the dark and brings the dead back to life, like the vaccine against death in the film Re-Animator with Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Herbert …

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The Ring – so inspiring!

If Robin met this lady in the picture, he’d offer her a beer. “Probably Corona, especially for people like her!” Robin tells us.

He would also give her some of his shampoo. “Girls with healthy hair are cool”

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Corona – Pulling Girls With It?

When the pandemic is over and Robin can go out again he will drink Corona beer in a demonstrative manner. Girls might think “He is so brave, he doesn’t even fear Corona! With him I will feel safe…” “Yes, if …

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Chilling out with Corona?

Robin believes that it’s quite idiotic to name a virus after a beer brand. Though he hasn’t been infected yet he has been told that having the coronavirus is not refreshing whatsoever. It remains to be seen if that pandemia …

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