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Verdict: Anna (2019)

Robin had the chance to watch the French action thriller Anna from 2019, directed by Luc Besson and starring Sasha Luss as the title character.

It is about the beautiful fashion model Anna who has a secret identity as a deadly …

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How To Deal With Control Freaks!

“I believe they should be hung by their balls until death sets in. Alternatively, one testicle should be shattered with a hammer so the culprit has the chance to improve his behavior. If it stays the same than the other …

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Photo Of Robin As a Baby!!

Even Robin was a baby once. This picture proves it. Even as a baby you can see easily that he would become a great musician, poet and artist one day. Trust your intuition!


Robin tried to upload that pic to …

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New Lyrics: Forever

Robin believes that the folowing lyrcs are among his finest. Enjoy!



The mainstream was her standard, a shroud of misery.

So she tried to find her place in all conformity.

Then she saw a handsome man, she saw him from afar.

 He was simply …

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Verdict: The Body (2012)

Robin saw the Spanish thriller The Body from 2012 and is quite intrigued. It starts a little lame but becomes more and more suspenseful. It is quite unpredictable. Mabe it is a little over-constructed but very entertaining. Thumbs up!

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