Story Of O by Pauline Réage

Today Robin comments on the 1954 novel Story of O by Pauline Réage.

The heroine is put into an abysmal brothel called Roissy outside a big city by her life partner René, where she is forcibly trained to be a masochistic sex slave.
Out of love for René, O allows this to happen. But then O meets René’s half-brother Sir Stephen, falls in love and becomes his property.

Robin’s interpretation
– René and Sir Stephen are two identities of one and the same person.
– The author was actually a woman named Dominique Aury. The novel is a typical female sex fantasy.
– If the heroine was a real character, she would probably have a so-called dependent personality disorder. Such people really let everything happen to them, to the point of self-abuse. The appeal is: “You’ll never find someone as careless as me again.” Especially very power-oriented people are into such people. Pots and lids!

Robin’s verdict:
My grandma liked it! So, read!

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