Schalldruck Festival – Heavy Winterstorm 2019 (Feierwerk, Munich)

Robin went down to the Schalldruck Festival – Heavy Winterstorm 2019 where 8 local bands from Bavaria took the stage and showed the crowd what they sounded like.

The first band was RAVENFIELD. The vocals sounded a bit like those of James Hatfield. Music and performance were meritorious.

Next were WILD HAWKS, the worst band of the evening: poor songs, out of tune and not tight at all.

Then came MEROE. Drums and bass were temporary replacements. Like most bands of the evening the musicians were technically competent but in regards to catchy hooklines the songwriting left room for improvement

REVEREND HOUND Robin found really interesting. They were by far the heaviest and really had a couple of good songs. The sound was quite bad, though: drums too loud and the guitars frequerntly not loud enough, with an overall muddy and non-transparent mix. However, in the future Robin might attend another gig under hopefully better sound conditions.

STILL AWAKE with a female singer from Hungary in an appealing outfit were sort of experimental, with some good classical soprano parts every now and then. Not bad but too coid of melodies and harmonies for Robin’s taste.

They were followed by GLORY DAZE. The intonation of the vocals left room for development- but the singer Many Stürner’s connecting with the audience was outstanding. The chorus of “Mayday” was quite catchy and the cover of the song Turbo Lover by Judas Priest just flawless. Solid entertainment!

PASSWORD MONKEY were okay and did a meritous poerformance.

Robin had to leave and didn’t sees LABEL Z, the last band. Maybe next time!

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