3 Horror Films From the 70s You Should See.

Robin tells us about his three favorite horror films from the 70s.

The Wickerman – Director’s Cut (1973)
This could also be a mystery thriller about a missing girl, but the last 15 minutes turn The Wickerman into a horror movie. Christopher Lee as the anatgonist Lord Summerisle proves once again that he was one of the best horror actors of all time. Edward Woodward as protagonist Sergant Howie is also outstanding. A true cult film!

Jaws (1976)
This film by Steven Spielberg funded a genre and is the best movie about a great white shark ever made. The artifcial shark, “Bruce”, was mostly broken, which is why you rarely see it in the finished film – which greatly increases the film’s creepiness.

Westworld (1973)
A gruesome masterpiece about robots in an artificial Western, Middle Ages and an ancient city for people going on holidays, getting out of control. Unbeaten is Yul Brynner as a black dressed Android from Westworld, who takes revenge for the many suffered humiliations.

Since Robin isn’t very religious, he omits the very successful movies “The Omen” and “Exorzist”. However, “The Omen” has a brilliant score.

If you want to know what people were afraid of at that time, have a look at the movies!

Do you agree with Robin’s List?

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