Robin’s Favorite Horror Filns from the 1950s!

And now three of Robin‘s favorite horror films from the 1950:

House of Wax

That classic has been remade starring Paris Hilton – which is so bad it is actually good again! (Robin’s favoroite scene is where Ms Hilton sneaks through a parking deck when the psychopathic serial killer harpoons her with a broken broom stick)

However, the original film starring Vincent Price is much eerier. Less brutal and more athmospheric.

The Horrors of Dracula

The brakthrough of Christopher Lee as the count and Peter Cushins as his all-time-nemesis Van Helsing.

The poor count crumbles to dust in the end which Robin find quite sad: “He never wins it#s hopeless! I want him as a pet!

Plan 9 From Outer Space

With this film Ed Wood won the title “worst filmmake of all times. Howere, this film got a cult following.

Here is Robin’ favorite scene: (31:11 – 35:25)

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