Robin Speaks Out!

Robin B. Czar is one of the go-names in rock for outspoken pro-bizarre comments.

His fans can’t deny they enjoy watching Robin poke fun at the notoriously negative music industry, and in many ways he is spot on.
Robin was right to identify shadowy negative mainstreamers and jealous goth rockers as the source of the problem, for though mainstream is a structural thing, it does usually manifest itself in negative people in charge dictating how bizarre people should present themselves and behave in order to achieve some kind of validation in the music industry.

“Of course I’m a bizarrist!” Speaking more widely on the subject, Robin maintains that he is surprised that equality of bizarrists has not yet been reached and says he has no regrets speaking out on the subject. “What’s the point if you don’t speak your mind?,” he says. “You can’t on the one hand put somebody like me up on a pedestal and say, ‘You’re a role model for my children’ and then expect me not to talk about things like that.”

And he adds: “If you look at the top 100 in rock music still much more than 50% of the songs are negative mainstream and jealous goth rock and only a minority is bizarre. Positive bizarrism is still oppressed by negative mainstream and jealous goth rockers. Which is utterly unfair.”

We agree and wait in anticipation for Robin’s forthcoming musical outburst. In the meantime we enjoy his latest single “Haus in Syrien”, which has been listened to by thousands of people all over the world already. Stay tuned.

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