Review: Prison School

Prison School (監獄学園 (プリズンスクール), Purizun Sukūru) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Akira Hiramoto.  Robin saw the 12-episode anime adaptation inJapanese with English subtitles.

A very strict girls’ academy in Tokyo has decided to admit boys into their system. Kiyoshi Fujino, the protagonist, is one of them, but he discovers to his shock that he and his four friends—Takehito “Gakuto” Morokuzu, Shingo Wakamoto, Jouji “Joe” Nezu, and Reiji “Andre” Andou—are the only male students among 1,000 girls. Even the most minor infractions of the Draconian laws are punished severly. Their capture and “arrest” by the Underground StudeTnt Council causes the five boys (who got busted for doing some voyerism) to receive an ultimatum: either stay a month in the school’s Prison Block for their peeping or be expelled. The boys are incarcerated together and Kiyoshi is flattend by finding out that all the other boys are masochists that get a kick out of the punishments handed to them by their attractive but sadistic female supervisors.

So, if you are into masochistic boys in their teens and sadistic girls in their 20s or 30s this could really float your boat! If not them there is still good fun so it’s good entertainment.

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