Review: Midsommar (2019)

Robin saw the Swedish flic Midsommar from 2019 about the dark side of flower power.

It is about a small group of young tourists who want to do research for their diploma and go for an obscure occult sekt in the Swedish countryside.

One urinates against a holy tree, the other is “selected” for his vertility, the heroine becomes the new May queen, and the remaining two students want to leave after having witnessed some ritualistic suicides but are made to stay with the sect, so-to-speak.The vertile one, the urinator and one other guy are chosen to become stars in the bizarre finale.

Robin found the film quite forseeable. It is not as bad as the remake of the Wicker Man from 2005 with Nicholas Cage but by far not as good as the original version from the 70s with Christopher Lee as the antagonist Lord Summerisle, which is second-to-none and the ultimate film about hippie horror. (So, if you want to see a really good film – this should be your first choice.)

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