“Ready Or Not” – Film Review!

Ready Or Not is an US-American horror comedy movie from 2019 directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett, starring Samara Weaving.

It’s about a bride that has to play hide and seek in the castle at midnight and then become part of the family. Unfortunately, the family members have sold their souls, so it soon dawns on the heroine that her life is at stake.

Robin did not find the transformation of a certain David, a scion of the clan, from ogre to savior very plausible.
Very nice, however, he finds the end, in which the family members get what they deserve at dawn. “They were bursting with grandiosity all the time anyway!”

Robin’s verdict:
An entertaining horror movie without a deeper meaning (but with a very attractive leading actress) for fans of movies like “The Babysitter”.


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