Positive Lyrics: Hear Their Song

Hear Their song


You walk alone ‘cause you’re lost in this dark forest

And to a house you come suddenly

This house is ancient and it is half in ruins.

And abandoned it seems to be!

You decide to stay the night.

It is already late.


And you look for a place where you can sleep.

cause this day has just made you tired.

And the ground, it is hard and it’s quite dusty.

And out there it’s already night!

The light of day has gone now.

And darkness closed you in.

Hear their song

Hear them.

Very quietly.

And just quite restrained, but then

The strangest kind of song’s setting in.


And this crooning finally awakes you

you decide to check and see!

Go down the musty stairs to the cellar

And stop in front of a door of steel…

It opens up quite creaky.

And eyes just stare at you.

Hear their song

See them

Burning candles, black cloaks, that’s very bizarre!

A dead chicken lies on the altar…

Hear their song


They’re stopping. Surrounding you and they don’t sing…

Then one more time their night song sets in.


And you say you don’t want to disturb them.

Actually, you wanted to go anyway!

The door, it closes loudly.

Altar is just made free.

Hear their song


While the priestess seeks the sacrificial knife.

You finally flee and run for your life.

Hear them sing!

Hear them!

They’re after you. And while the moon is shining bright,

You run as fast as you can through the night.

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