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Fan Conference 2008

(November 2008) On the 2008 conference of the central commitee of Robin B.Czar fans, the recent global economic development was put into focus. "Bizarrism entails the full realisation of human freedom and choice." chairman 002-R-Bizarre* explained (*first the membership number, second the rank, where "R" means leader, at last comes the member's individually chosen name). The delegates of the fan communes applauded. Fan 1231-B-izarre was among them: "This was the most positive conference the world has ever seen!"   In the coming months, the think-tanks of the commitee will work out a plan for the necessary longer-term social reform, which includes gradually phasing out negative influences like mainstream music and unsuccessful banking until society is completely bizarre.

Robin in Folkestone (Long Interview!)

Robin in Folkestone
(March 2008) Being bizarre should make you feel unsettled, even challenged, and not make you fit neatly into your everyday life. We know that. Robin's fans have proven many times that they rather devote their energy to foment revolution than to confirm the status quo.
  But these days many of us wonder, why did Robin go back to live in Folkestone? There is no doubt that being bizarre would be so much more welcome in other locations. Is he less bizarre than he used to be?
  "I couldn't agree more to that we have to continuously break our own rules. You have to understand that positivity that is just focused on making one feel comfortable is likely to be unbizarre, not positive. Such a desire just encourages fitting into conventions, and is neither evolving nor challenging" Robin explains.
  "I admit that even bizarre people are capable of falling foul of their own conventions, of getting lazy. I can assure you that my decision is not rooted in lazyness. If it would, I could have gone to other places. But I was wondering where in the world our movement would have most impact."
  Robin has moved his operation centre to a spacious garden shed containing more than 3000 works of literature, where he is ardously working on his new album and organising song reviews by various Rock and Metal music magazines and websites. Sometimes, he goes for a walk to the town centre for a creative break.
  "I can understand what Robin means," a Folkestoner fan says. "when you walk in this city's streets they will unsettle you, make you re-examine your beliefs on earth and the purpose of life. Robin is an agent of destabilisation, an agent for positive change. Robin made a wise choice to move here as people in Folkestone need him more than ever!"
Robin's success seems to prove this. Within less than a week a large number of new Folkestoner fans will attend his live performances next Friday and Saturday in The Leas Club, The Leas, Folkestone, Kent CT20 2DP, 11pm-1am.

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