New Song “Pripyat” in the Making!

The ballad of the zombie girl…

Robin is working on a new song called Pripyat – The Ballad Of the Zombie Girl, about the long abandoned and contaminated town near the nuclear power plant Chernobyl which suffered a severe catastrophy in 1986, and a young girl, now zombified, who was left behind there and  is looking for her evacuated boyfriend who has long since moved elsewhere.
“The lyrics are going to be a mixture of Corpse Bride and Dawn Of the Dead“, Robin tells us.
“The music goes in the direction of Children of the Sea by Black Sabbath. The vocal line is inspired by California Dreaming by The Mamas and the Papas.
The zombie girl is a tragic figure. I’m sure people will cry because they’ll find it so sad.”

We’re already crying and eagerly waiting for the finished piece.

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