New Lyrics: Pripyat!

Robin got inspired from a documentary about Pripyat, the abandoned town near Chernobyl, and decided to write a song about it. Here are its lyrics, read them and enjoy!


All the sky is grey
Abandoned is this town
All life went away
No one else around.

Bumper cars in dust
Never ever used
The ferris wheel just rusts
All rays of light diffused.

But life’s in bloom and thriving.
It’s glowing in the dark.
Strangulated DNA
Has just left its mark.

Mutants hide away
Protected in the shade
From the light of day
A mutated clade.

Night’s about to fall.
And they will wake up soon
No other source of light
than that eerie moon.

Humans left the place
Where this lonely ghost town stands.
Darkness has descended.
The undead rule the land.

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