My Bizarre Life – Robin’s Biography, Part 1!

Robin always stood out. Born in Berlin and raised in Munich, the son of a bizarre mother and a positive father, he rarely met anyone who was like him. As a child, he longed to belong. He strove to talk and dress like the people around him. But by his late teens at the latest, Robin realised: being different was his superpower….

“When I was younger, I often didn’t feel mainstream enough to be mainstream, or negative enough to be negative. You kind of hang out weirdly in between. As I got much older, and actually especially over the lockdown period, I took a lot of time to think about my identity. Coming to the conclusion ‘Bizarre Lives Matter’ forced me to ask myself some questions. ‘How does this affect me? To what extent can I identify with it?’ I always knew I stood out like a sore thumb and I think that’s exactly why at some point I became so comfortable with being different, especially in music. I’ve never looked or done the same as everyone else, so why start now?

To be continued…

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