“Male Narcissism” By Bonelli – Any Good?

Robin read the book “Male Narcissism” by Rafael Bonelli. Here are his thoughts!

Robin’s Thoughts

Robin found it interesting that the author equates the German 68ers and the Sturm & Drang movement of the Goethe period. “Narcissism in a group!” The same arrogant consciousness of chosenness and the same denial of empathy.

Narcissism vs. Perfectionism

The author also distinguishes between narcissists and perfectionists.
Perfectionists are very concerned about the judgment of others, narcissists are not.

Narcissism vs. Autism
Bonelli says that only autistic people really can’t feel empathy, with narcissists it’s more empathy-denial.
He also points out that psychopaths, Macciavellists and narcissists (which are basically one and the same) have underdeveloped areas of the brain. However, these can be developed, which is why therapy makes sense.

Who is the target?

There follow many case studies about narcissistic men (from Germany and Austria). Since Robin is more into women, the book is probably something for women who have been with a narcissist.


If you are traumatized because of a male narcissist, the book is highly recommended. For female narcissists, he is sure there are other books.

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