Magic Cucumcer 3/3!

  1. Chapter: Marlin swears revenge and learns from the musician the secret of the magic cucumber.

“And then, he shut his load into my arse!!”  Marlin sobbed. “This pig!!” the little goblin screamed. “And furthermore I shall ‘practice’ with him twice a week until Christmas because otherwise he lets me fail… Woooohooo…” she cried.

The wise musician took her into his arms. “In this case only one thing will help”, he finally said.


“Many thousand years ago, there was a secret priesthood in far away Asia that devoted itself fearlessly to conducting magical experiments. Their most sacred fruit was the cucumber. In it the most concealed and mightiest strengths were inherent.”, Robin explained, “An especially audacious priest found out in a series of death-defying self-experiments how to unleash them. Unfortunately, his name is lost forever and his work is almost completely forgotten. To honor him and to help you to take revenge I will tell you now the secret of the magic cucumber.”

“Me too! Me too!” the little goblin chirped. Then he and Marlin listened to the wise musician.

  1. Chapter: Now it’s pay time

Whori-San, perfumed with musk, entered complacently the teaching-room while under the kimono his belly wobbled over his pants. He saw a gloomy Marlin holding a Ghetto-Blaster in her hand.

“What’s going on here?” he asked confusedly and closed the door behind him. Marlin gave him an icy smile and pressed the play button. “Aaaaaaaarrrggghhh!!!!!” screamed Whori-San pressing his hands onto his ears, kneeled down and bent over. “What is THIS!!!!”

“These are the early demo-records of my boyfriend.” she said (What she didn’t say was that he had conjured her immune system previously with his magic wand).

Whori-San rolled on the ground and whined for mercy. “Mercy!!!” he whined.

“Kimono off!” said to Marlin decidedly and with a strict voice.


“As you like…” she said and turned the volume of the Ghetto-Blaster even louder.

“AAAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!” Hastily he threw off the kimono.

“Now the magic cucumber! The magic cucumber!!” chirped Marlins little goblin and jumped excitedly.

“Yes!” said Marlin gloomily and took out the magic-cucumber from her handbag.

She stepped behind Whori-San. “What are you going to…” he  asked aghast.

“Höhö!” she imitated him sarcastically.

“Now the ritual! The ritual!!” the small goblin rejoiced.

“Yes.” Marlin said and rammed the magic-cucumber into the butt of Huri-San.

“Auuuuuuuu!!!!” he groane.

“Now the spell!! The spell!!!”

And solemnly and with big seriousness, Marlin recited the spell that the unknown priest had found out in his/its death-defying self-experiments his days.

“Heydee, heydow, heiduh!” She executed the ritual action to and moved the magic-cucumber back and forth three times.

But what was was this? Huri-San became became submissive at once!! “Yes, mistress… Thank you, mistress…” he whimpered.

“Bite off one piece from the cucumber!” the small goblin beamed. And Marlin opened her mouth, enclosed the magic-cucumber stucking out from Huri-Sans bottom with it and. bit off! But what happened now?? She felt waves of the darkest and eeriest dominace crush upom her. Had she deciphered the secret of the magic-cucumber furtherly??

“A… are you feeling allright??” the small goblin asked uneasily.

“Bring me a few utensils… I and Whorii-San want to play… Pronto!!” she yelled.

“Yes! Yes! No problem!” the small goblin said hastily, grabbed Marlin’s list and ran out of the door.

The wise musician opened the door of the examination room. Butwhat did he see there?? A whip-banging Marlin in Domina-Clothes… and a Whori-San in donkey-cap and in pink nightgown crwaling before her up and down. (The gown was open in the step while a bitten off magic-cucumber stuck out from Huri-Sans backside.)

The musician combined in a flash. Maybe Marlin had deciphered the secret of the magic-cucumber furtherly?

“Ah! I deciphered the secret of the magic-cucumber furtherly!” said Marlin eerily and cracked her whip.

The musician understood. He had to magically make Marlin be normal again. Quickly he unpacked his magic wand and did what had to be done.

Epilogue: What have become of Marlin, the musician, the goblin, Karen and Huri-San.

Marlin and the wise musician have reestablished the secret cucumber-priesthood and introduce select novices into the secrets of the magic-cucumber. (Marlin’s small goblin is a gardener there breeding magic-cucumbers. Lately he wants to establish an independent institution; in fact he has a vision including magic-soldering irons and magic-diving-boilers. However, he is still faced with the problem of being visible and audible…)

Whori-San (his belly still wobbling over his pants) has married Karen who is unfortunately still a little mental. Since she is in total control of him and he has to remain chaste as an examiner he switched back to his original name again and works for the German embassy in Beijing at the Visa-Department now.

And if they didn’t die they live forever after.

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