What happened so far:

Marlin wants to go to the University Of Sorcery and asks her best friend Karen for advice onn who to take as an examiner. Now she awaits the examination.



  1. Chapter: The Examination.

Marlin had a funny feeling. She has always been a little bit excited before examinations. But this feeling she had that moment was somehow different. “I already know that I wouldn’t buy a second hand car from this Whori-San”, Marlins invisible goblin chirped.

“You don’t know him at all”, Marlin replied in her thoughts, “and don’t increase my pulse! It will run amok in any second”

Then the door opened! “He comes! He comes!” the small goblin squealed.

The corner of a kimono blew through the door. Then it was as if the earth was shaking. Whori-San, who actually was German but used this Japanese name since his ex-girlfriend recommended him, (because she thought that was fitting him better) entered, while his stomach wobbled over his pants under the kimono. He had the stature of a Sumo wrestler. Furthermore, he had long, white hair that was tied up behind the head and a walrus-beard.

“Konichi-Wa, Marlin-Pig”, she heard him saying. Surely, she had just misunderstood.

“Ni Hao!” she answered with unconfident cheerfulness.

“Höhö!” he laughed horrifyingly, “What tight pants you are wearing, my little farrow! Certainly you are a very wild one, hohoho”

Marlin lowered her gaze.

The goblin whispered to her: “Be obedient! Don’t say anything that could displease him!”

Whori-San sat down. The chair under him gnashed so loudly that Marlin was completely terrified and hoped that the teacher wouldn’t fall to the ground.

“If I would have known how heavy Whori-San is, I would have provided a more stable chair” she told the goblin in her thoughts.

“Don’t worry, Marlin, I have already seen much fatter and more disgusting guys, who sat on these teacher chairs without any problem.”

Marlin calmed down. Although… she had not yet seen much more disgusting and fatter guys than Whori-San.

They sat opposite each other. Each ganshing sound of Whori-Sans chair filled her with uneasiness. Eventually, he stood up and gave her a stack of examination papers.

She cleared the throat. “Whori-San. the examination. Can we start”.

“Whaaaaat????” Marlin shuddered.

“It was just an idea” she stammered.

“Without body exam?” he growled at her.

“Without… WHAT??”

“You think that I am stupid, right? Probably you have lots of little notes under your clothes, you pig!”

“ho-honestly. I don’t have any…”

“SHUT UP!!!” he yelled. “Hands behind your head! Look sharp!”

“ok” She did it for her Boyfriend. She needed the certificate.

He stepped behind her and grabbed her bottom strongly. “Höhö! Certainly your Boyfriend squirts into your arse regularly…”

“Don’t tell him! Don’t tell him!!” the small goblin wanted to chirp, but he was too late.

“No, no!!!” Marlin shouted and almost cried. “Not into my arse! Only into my mouth! And all across my face!!!”

“I don’t believe you. Pants down.”

Marlin blushed and opened her pants.

“Get a move on!” Whori-San shouted at her.

Hastily, she pulled her jeans and her panties down to her ankles.

“Undress completely! And then bow down to the front and spread your legs! Yes, that is perfect…”

She heard him giggling hoarsely. Then, she sensed how two hands pulled apart her buttocks. “Still a virgin, right?” he said and put his right index finger into her anus. Then, he opened his belt of his kimono.

Seeing how Whori-San took off his clothes, the small goblin had to suppress a nausea. Hastily, he jumped up to put off Whori-San from his intent and put himself protectively in front of Marlin’s anus and clinged to her buttocks.

Whori-San seemed not to be disturbed by this since the goblin was invisible for him. The goblin, pale of horror, stared atWhori-Sans member in front of his body, saw it stroking back and…  “AAAAARRGGH!!!” he  chirped as he disappeared in Marlin’s bottom. He wanted to get out quickly but Whori-San’s member obstructed his way out; therefore the small goblin had to take the other direction since he wanted to flee from the pulsating ramming of the invader. “Maybe I can get out though Marlin’s mouth…” he hoped and wanted to move on.

However, suddenly Whori-San shut his load into Marlin’s anus and the goblin was soaking wet. “He will pay for this!!!” the goblin squealed, as he climbed out of Marlins bottom.

  1. Chapter: Marlin swears revenge and learns from the musician the secret of the magic cucumber.

“And then, he shut his load into my arse!!”  Marlin sobbed. “This pig!!” the little goblin screamed. “And furthermore I shall ‘practice’ with him twice a week until Christmas because otherwise he lets me fail… Woooohooo…” she cried.

The wise musician took her into his arms. “In this case only one thing will help”, he finally said.


“Many thousand years ago, there was a secret priesthood in far away Asia that devoted itself fearlessly to conducting magical experiments. Their most sacred fruit was the cucumber. In it the most concealed and mightiest strengths were inherent.”, Robin explained, “An especially audacious priest found out in a series of death-defying self-experiments how to unleash them. Unfortunately, his name is lost forever and his work is almost completely forgotten. To honor him and to help you to take revenge I will tell you now the secret of the magic cucumber.”

“Me too! Me too!” the little goblin chirped. Then he and Marlin listened to the wise musician.

To be continued…


What happen next: Marlin’s Revange.

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