Magic Cucumber 1/3

Here you will now read the first of three parts, which will introduce you to the fascinating world of magic cucumbers.
What has happened so far:

Nothing. Part one, dumbass.

Many thousand years ago, there was a secret priesthood far away in Asia, that devoted itself fearlessly to conducting magical experiments. Their most sacred fruit was the cucumber. In it, the most concealed and mightiest strengths were inherent. An especially audacious priest found out in a series of death-defying self-experiments how to unleash them. Unfortunately, his name is lost forever and his work is almost completely forgotten. This small story is told to honor and remember him.

  1. Chapter: Marlin learns to know her small goblin.

Her Boyfriend, that she hasn’t seen for a long time and who was musician and a wizard, would come soon. Marlin very happily was looking forward to being able to hold him finally in her arms again.

Her boyfriend had advised her once to do a magic apprenticeship in the magic school so that she could be closer to him. Today, she wanted to ask him when the next registration-date was.

She went to the bathroom to freshen up. The light at the ceiling had been broken for a long time already. Only the light of a 15W desk lamp illuminated the small room. In the sallow light, she looked even more yellow as she actually was due to her Asian origin.

The warm ray of the shower streamed over your face, over her shoulder-length, black hair and her full breasts. Her Boyfriend had often praised her for her very feminine figure. She closed her eyes and reached for the soap.

She thought of him while she lathered herself and let the soap piece slip through the gap between her legs. Then, she moved on to her breasts. “Ah, gulpgulpgulp. Too much water!” she heard a chirping voice. She opened her eyes. What she held in her hands was not a piece of soap! That certainly was a small goblin!

“You certainly are a small goblin!” she said.

“I am a small goblin!” he confirmed.

“If somebody washes his tits with me, I become audible and visible and must remain with the human being. Besides, my name is Ingo.”

“Great. I always wanted to have such a small goblin, whose name is Ingo. But now, I have to take a shower. My boyfriend is coming soon.”

  1. Chapter: Karen recommends her examiner Huri-San to Marlin.

Marlin still was somewhat dozy in the next morning. The wise musician had demonstrated his magic wand to her all night.

Her decision was settled: She wanted to pass the entrance examination for the magic school as soon as possible. On the way to the examination place, she met her friend Karen, who was sadly a little bit mental.

“Hello Karen! Are you actually familiar with entrance examinations?”

“One must do a lot for it. Not too easy in fact.” Karen said and licked her lips while she was lost in thoughts. Marlin was confused for a moment. However she repressed this feeling quickly.

“I don’t care. I am willing to do a lot for it. Can you give me some advice?”

“First, you have to find a good examiner. I recommend Whori-San, his examinations are fun…” Karen started to be lost in thoughts again and gazed smilingly into the distance. “Maybe he marries me…” she said, as if she was talking to herself.

“That is good! Then he will certainly do me a favour because I am your friend!”

Karen said nothing, left Marlin and went away. Her walking was somehow different than usual. “Has she got pains in her buttocks?” wondered Marlin.

To be continued…

What happens next.
Marlin is put to a very vindictive test.

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