Live in Concert! Slackrr, Red Light Runner, and Hands Up! (Harp Restrung, Folkestone, Kent, UK)

Three bands played in the well-filled Harp Restrung in Folkestone Kent to give the audience their pop punk.

First band were Hands Up. Good communication with the audience, and at some point you could even hear the guitar. A respectable performance.

Then came Red Light Runner. Catchy choruses, good singing and a lot of joy in playing were rewarded with big applause.

The headliner Slackrr were a trio with the girl Caitlyn Bowyer on bass, who supported singer/guitarist Scotty Perry vocally with the two-tune choruses. Unfortunately the intonation from both was not very good, but the band was very likable and the performance was otherwise good.

The music reminded Robin of songs from The Cure, when they are happy. All in all an enjoyable evening.

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