Jemma Freeman/CS, Haest, Riviera Kid in Folkestone

Another night at the Harp Restrung in Folkestone, this time three hardcore bands showed the crowd what their talent was.


First was Riviera Kid, a 3-piece where the bass player and the guitarist did the vocals. During the song “Sertraline” Robin listened to the lyrics – it is obviously about a drug that makes happy. Good fun and good connection with the audience.


Then came Jemma Freeman and the Cosmic Something. Robin enjoyed the finger-pickig on the guitar the most. Jemma’s vocals reminded him live on Geddy Lee of Rush and found the vocals most distinctive.


Last band of the evening were Heast from Hastings which sounded quite professional but Robin had to leave early.



Anyway, that night was hard to the core! \m/

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