Interview With Robin!

We met with Robin and caught up a little.

How are you today, Robin?

I’m not too bad!

Your voice seems to be in fine form these days, but is it hard work maintaining that?

It is hard work. It’s pretty rough. It’s tougher the older you get to do the same kind of things that you did before. You get little injuries that you’re dealing with that prolong themselves over time, and it’s a little rougher. But not impossible!

You’re writing a book?!

I’ve been doing a book all my life. No, I haven’t really decided when and where, or even if I’m old enough to put a book out yet. I mean, I’ve just turned fifty, and that’s not quite old enough, I don’t think.

What is your favorite kind of music?

I like melodic stuff. Goth Rock, Metal and Classical Music.

For how long have you been playing the guitar?

Maybe 40 years.

How is your injured left hand doing?

I can move all my fingers again. By the end of the year I’ll hopefully be as good as in my early twenties.

To be continued…

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