Interview With Robin!

We had a quick chat with Robin!

How is the music doing?

“I am re-recording Pripyat – The Ballad of the Zombie Girl. Since I am a little short on equipment I digitally pitch my electric guitar to make it sound like a bass guitar. I’m still not sure how I emulate the keyboards.”

Are there any new videos in the pipeline?

“I am in the process of editing a new video to Requiem. I am also working on a power ballad for Damsel in Distress.”

Are you making a song about the pandemic?

“Corona? No, if then only about the beer. Post-apocalyptic scenarios and nuclear catastrophes with a lot of zombified victims are more inspiring anyway.”

What about the re-union of Nightfall?

“Since there is global lockdown I work on new songs and train to overcome my lame left hand.”

How is your fascination for Jack-the-Ripper doing?

“I believe he never existed and the victims killed themselves.”


“No. Since he only killed hookers in their 40s he probably got infected with Syphilis and he and the girl he had it from were in their 20s. So 20 years later he went on a revenge killing spree, believing that the true culprit was among the victims. But maybe it was the Loch Ness monster anyway.”

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