Huis Clos (1944)

Huis Clos is a play by Jean-Paul Sartre.

It is about three people who never met in life and now meet in hell. The same is a hotel interior, whose windows are bricked up the more they are forgotten on earth, besides, the light cannot be extinguished and the bell for the bellboy goes only when it is not needed.

There are no torture stakes, so at first the three don’t know what the punishment consists of – but “the management” has already thought of something to put just THESE three together. Each is both tormentor and tormented.

The play is considered a milestone of existentialist theater.
Robin had the idea for a play himself: Greta Thunberg disappears into obscurity and meets people already waiting for her, but he thought it was too similar to Huis Clos. “My next idea will be better!”

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