Horror Movies From the 60s!

And here are three horror films from the 60s you should watch before you die.


One of the best horror movies ever made! The author of the short story of the same name, Robert Bloch, was unfortunately ripped off by Hitchcock, but the film is still great. Robin liked the private investigator Arbogast the most, closely followed by the psychiatrist, but they are all good.

Black Sunday

The witch Asa (Barbara Steele) was executed 200 years ago and comes back to take revenge. One of her descendants looks exactly like her, which leads to many gruesome mix-ups. The film may not be very logical, but on the other hand it is creepy and very romantic.

Night of the Living Dead

With this movie George Romero has created a genre. A beautiful apocalyptic zombie movie on the theme “Not every visitor is pleasant”. Robin liked Mr Cooper the best.

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