Friday the 13th – Review Of the Remake From 2009

Robin watched the remake of Friday the 13th from 2009.

A group of teenagers go camping on a place called Chrystal Lake and get slaughtered one by one. A policeman tries to help them but gets slaughtered, too.

Robin’s Thoughts:
Unfortunately, Jason Voorhees is the serial killer from the beginning, not his mother. Robin would have liked it if under the hockey mask there had been Mum, who dies at the end and then the real Jason with the mask emerges, but perhaps that would have been too predictable.
Robin would have thought of an alternate storyline: maybe little Jason was forced to have sex by his crazy mother and she always wore a mask. She also liked to stab lightly dressed teenagers. Jason kills his mother, takes her place (symbolised by putting on Mum’s mask) and stabs copulating teenagers instead of her.

An average slasher film.

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