Folk Tales – What Do They Mean?

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
In this fairy tale, young girls who can already have children, but not yet for a very long time (hence the red cap = menstrual blood) are to be warned against molesters, and that one should not blindly trust people whom one has only just met.

1. Red Riding Hood and the Evil Werewolf
In the oldest known version, the heroine meets a handsome man who tells her a “shortcut” to her grandmother and who is in fact a werewolf. The “shortcut” takes much longer, the werewolf eats the grandmother and waits for Little Red Riding Hood, who runs straight into his arms.
As last wish she wants to pee. The werewolf ties a rope around her and holds the end firmly in his hand. Little Red Riding Hood has to climb out of the window. Once she is out of sight she unties herself, ties the rope to a tree and flees. The werewolf holds his end of the rope and thinks that the girl will take a long time – and if he hasn’t died, he is still waiting today.

2. Black Pedagogy
The wolf eats grandma and heroine – that’s what they get now.

3. The Version of the Brothers Grimm
The wolf is one all the time, dresses up as grandma and eats the heroine. A hunter comes, cuts open the belly of the sleeping wolf, out of which grandma and Little Red Riding Hood step, puts heavy stones into it instead and sews up the wolf. The wolf wakes up, goes to the well, falls in and drowns. (By the way, this version can also be found in the Arab world: there the heroine is called Leyla and wears a red headscarf.)

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