Everest (2015)

Looking for inspiration for song lyrics, Robin watched the movie Everet, which is based on a true story.

Many tourists with no idea about mountaineering, go to Kathmandu in Nepal and pay $60 000.-to be taken to Mount Everest.
Beck, one of them, gets problems with his eyes just before the summit and stays behind.
Rob, the hero and leader of the group, passes him. At 14:00 is the descent, but a tourist was not yet on the summit and he would never forgive himself for that. The others descend, but the two remain behind. After the straggler reaches the summit at 16:00 they follow, but stupidly a snowstorm comes up and lasts for two days.
The tourist dies, Rob stays up because of the storm and freezes to death.
Beck is rescued but loses both hands and his nose. A handful of climbers never return, contributing to Mount Everest being not only the highest mountain, but also the highest graveyard in the world.

Robin’s Thoughts:
“Very impressive landscape shots of the white hell of the Himalayas. Good dialogues and good actors.
Unfortunately the film is about 30 minutes too long.

Robin’s Verdict:
Why not.”

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