Dream Story – the litererary source of Eyes Wide Shut!

Dream Story (1926) by Austrian writer Arthur Schnitzler was filmed in 1999 under the name Eyes Wide Shut, which Robin liked so much that he read the literary source.

In contrast to the film, the plot takes place in early 20th century Vienna, which Robin thinks is better than 90’s New York. “These days there’s occult parties like a dime a dozen,” he says, “there’s something for every taste and budget.”
Be that as it may – Ziegler and the master of ceremonies of the party in a red cape and with a golden mask are probably one and the same person, this becomes clear when Ziegler stands and talks at the billiard table towards the end.

All in all an art film, which Stanley Kubrick was famous for. If you’re not into that, you’ll at least see beautiful naked masked women who can really act. Thumbs up to both the film and the novel!

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