Dr Dog – listen to it and enjoy!

This song is based on a true story about an ambitious dog that adored humans and always put humans’ wellbeing above his own desires. However, the dog wasn’t satisfied with the role he was born in. Knowing that he could never fully copy humans, this dog developed innovative methods that enabled him and other dogs to perform tasks that were previously only done by humans. Gifted with prodigious intelligence and downright unlimited willpower he even studied medicine and surgery, hence the nickname “Dr. Dog”. However, tragedy struck when humans refused to recognise the dog’s talent. His old human owner was supportive and treated the dog like his child, like another human being.
However, after the owner died, the rest of the family never saw anything else than a dog. They treated him like a dog and even beaten him, and eventually called the police to arrest him and take him away. Ten days later, the disillusioned dog died and was buried, and with it a dog’s dream of changing one’s destiny.

Dr Dog

Once there was a special dog
Ambitious and so keen
It was better than most men
In all that surgery

A multi talent, competent
in beauty and in gender change
Skills that covered many things
Dr Dog was strange

This dog was underrated
And so misunderstood
No chance that men accepted
That all its skills were good

It made a plan. They’d understand
Doctor Dog would take its toll
It would have fun
Would be the one
Doctor Dog pick up the ball and run.

Dr Dog attacked a girl
And bit her in the face
Her father came to rescue her
But lost without a trace

His testicles, since Dr Dog
found them quite nice as well
Daughter’s face and daddy’s balls
were tasty just like hell.

It had a ball
It had these balls
Doctor Dog just took it all.
It had some fun
It was the one
Doctor Dog bite off dad’s balls and run.

“Dr Dog! Leaver her alone!
O my God… What have you done… You… YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!

Just like any other dog
The doctor had its day
Though it got him institutionalised
In an asylum far away.
The girl looks better than before
Her dad is now her mum
No question who had ruled this place –
Dr Dog’s the one!

It had a ball
Dad lost his balls
Doctor Dog just rocked and rolled
It changed her face
Her melting gaze
Doctor Dog improved her grace

You had a ball
You had these balls
Doctor Dog this was your call
You had some fun
You were the one
Doctor Dog, enjoy dad’s balls and run.


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