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Death Note – “L” dies!! :-(

Robin is appalled: “‘L’ from Death Book dies! And I had just started to get used to him!”

The second season has students of “L” as its successor, but this is not the same level. “I stopped watching the show. In …

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Gay! What next?

Is sporadic homosexuality a selection advantage?

Robin is currently interested in evolutionary psychology, and came across an interesting idea: The hordes with homos were better off in evolution: if a predator came and wanted to eat babies, they were protected not …

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Death Note (2006, Anime)

Robin is currently watching the first of two seasons of the anime series “Death Note” and is thrilled.

It’s about a brilliant student named Light Yagami who finds a mysterious notebook: if you write a name in it, the person …

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The Ghosts of Everest

On the Mount Everest there are about 200 bodies of mountaineers who have died in accidents.

Some act as signposts, others are in crevices. It is too dangerous to take them down – and they knew that the trip would …

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Does Age Matter?

Robin is enraptured by a picture: “The lady in it obviously likes older men! That’s a bit over the top here, but the direction is right.”

Robin advises young women to take men especially his age: “Men who are your age …

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How To Mix a Nightfall-Cocktail!

Robin found out how to mix a cocktail named “Nightfall” :

ingredients4 cl white rum4 cl vodka1 cl lemon juice12 cl apple juice4 cl colaResults in approx. 16 cl without ice.

PreparationPut rum and vodka together with limes and apple juice with …

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How To Survive a Zombie Apocalypse?

Virus outbreak! The infected turn into zombies! What now?

Robin’s Tips:

You just behave as if you already were a zombie, mabe the undead leave you alone. Worth a try at least!

If you get bitten make sure that you immediately destroy yourself.

You …

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