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How To Mix a Nightfall-Cocktail!

Robin found out how to mix a cocktail named “Nightfall” :

ingredients4 cl white rum4 cl vodka1 cl lemon juice12 cl apple juice4 cl colaResults in approx. 16 cl without ice.

PreparationPut rum and vodka together with limes and apple juice with …

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New Lyrics: Deep in the Night!

Vengence is sweet, huh, huh,  huh…
Deep In the Night


A million miles from home.

We are on our own.

You’ve opened up your eyes.

A million miles from home.

We are all alone.

It’s time to say goodbye.


Another day has gone.

It can’t be left undone.

Since there’s …

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“Man On His Way” – UPDATED!

The story “Man On his Way” is getting better and better!

Robin has a new ingrediant for his story about the man climbing mountains in the nude and then accidently losing his genitals: he is engaged but his fiancee quits him …

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New Lyrics – Still Alive!

And here is the announcement of a singer for Robin’s band Nightfall introducing the following song:

The story of a man, who doesn’t get anything done and because of that eventually kills himself; but afterwards he wakes up in his coffin …

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Horror Movies From the 60s!

And here are three horror films from the 60s you should watch before you die.


One of the best horror movies ever made! The author of the short story of the same name, Robert Bloch, was unfortunately ripped off by Hitchcock, …

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Nightfall – Reunion?

And here is another interview with Robin!

What are your plans?“I’m working on a reunion of my band Nightfall from the 90s.”

What kind of songs will you play?“The best Nightfall songs and some new ones. And of …

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